My team put together series graphics for the six weeks of Lent, a promotional campaign to promote small groups during that time, and a study guide for groups to use. We also promoted Holy Week services leading up to Easter, and we created custom bulletins for a half-dozen different worship services between Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent), Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday. We worked within tight deadlines and low budgets.

My role: Communications Director of the small in-house team at University Presbyterian Church. I shared goals and objectives, and shared feedback with the designer to fine-tune pieces before having the final sign-offs (or, in some cases, I sent a file to press myself). The team: Ali Ashmead (design, illustration), Olivia Gleason (production, typesetting on bulletins and booklets). I also led a team of four volunteers to write and edit the study guide content in preparation for the launch.
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