I designed five annual course catalogs (cir. 100,000/ea) for NOLS. The 2012 course catalog was a full redesign from previous catalogs. We told the stories of some of our wilderness school graduates in more detail which was a significant editorial shift from focusing solely on course descriptions. We decreased the page count as well as the trim size, shrinking the publication from a 128-page catalog to just 48-pages plus cover, and coming in dramatically under budget. 

My role: I served as the art director and designer, organized all photo submissions, collected feedback from contributors, and managed the internal review process between 10+ individuals at NOLS locations around the world. I specified paper, ordered the print job, and negotiated pricing to keep the project within our budget. Later, I also checked each form on press and coordinated a targeted mailing.
(You can't see it in the photo, but that's a spot gloss on the text elements on the cover!)
QR codes (remember, this was a few years ago...) were paired with course descriptions to point to videos like Winter Warmth, supplementing the printed piece with video content. 
And of course, 2012 went so well we decided to use the same format for 2013!
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