I'm a Seattle-based designer, and have spent the last few years in-house at two of Seattle's largest, oldest Christian churches. Each is innovating in their own ways, and it's been exciting to see the ways each of these organizations has honored the past while looking strategically to the future.
I'm currently working in-house as the Communications Director at University Presbyterian Church. It's a 110 year old church in Seattle's University District. Most of my work there has been strategic and organizational in nature. It's been rewarding to understand more about the systems and decisions that set the foundation for great design. 
My background: Personally, I've lived all over the US: California, North Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Wyoming, and Washington. In high school, I was an avid reader of InStyle, with a keen eye for typography, and I vividly remember analyzing a Nordstrom gift card carrier to see "packaging design by Morla Design" hidden inside. It was then that I realized a human was behind making these things beautiful, elegant, practical, and legible. As a high school senior, I created an independent study course in graphic arts. Simultaneously, I completed my Girl Scout Gold Award by interviewing and photographing prominent women in my community. I used the then-beta version of Adobe InDesign to compile their stories into a small book. I went on to study magazine journalism and graphic design at Drake University, jumping into both art and journalism classes right away. I haven't looked back. 
I'm as comfortable with designing page layouts as I am on-press or volunteering at large conferences. I love people, create editorial plans, manage projects strategically, provide creative direction, collaborate with videographers, interview video subjects, and curate web content. I get excited about great ideas, strategically creating systems and order, collaborating within teams, and sharing beautiful stories.
My next step: I'm looking to focus on design again. I'm excited to work within a larger creative team to align deliverables with a vision, all while tending to the details and collaborators that really make a difference.
In my spare time, I like to make cards, enjoy coffee with friends, organize creative people, and play outside. I cross country ski, snowshoe, hike, backpack, and rock climb—and I always bring hot drinks if we're playing in the snow.
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