I'm a design generalist with a background in visual design, nonprofit communications, and print production. I think in systems, spot connections, and love working with teams to find solutions.
I'm currently available for freelance, contract, or full time roles.
Where I'm Coming From
Most recently, I've been working with the board game production team at Ravensburger. They're known for creating high-quality products, and I enjoyed the up-close view of their product lifecycle.
Before pursuing UX design, I was focused on the creative work and strategic communications of two of Seattle's oldest churches. These communities are more than 100 years old, and both have experienced significant organizational restructures and growth in recent years. In a city experiencing massive changes, these organizations are innovating, and it was an honor to help lead them such transformative seasons. In addition to serving on the executive team, my weekly rhythms included managing multiple email campaigns, social media, video production, website edits, and lots of content strategy.
My experience working at nonprofits taught me the value of data-driven design decisions, and I went on to complete the UX design course at General Assembly last fall.
When I'm Not Working
In this season of staying home, I'm organizing a series of 🍻Virtual Happy Hours! Please feel free to sign up! (Seriously, everyone's welcome.) And stay tuned for a portfolio project that outlines what I'm learning as I bring people together who don't know each other.
In my personal time, I enjoy being active. I'm training for my first triathlon, learning Krav Maga, and I like to hike/ski/backpack as much as I can. 
One Friday each month, you'll find me sharing hugs and high fives as an organizer with the community at CreativeMornings Seattle!

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