Some of My Story

I'm a Seattle-based designer, currently working in-house at Bethany Community Church—and yes we're currently redesigning the entire website! (Stay tuned, it's almost done.) On the side, I take on occasional freelance and consulting projects. I get excited about great ideas, strategically creating systems and order, collaborating within teams, and sharing beautiful stories.
I've lived all over the US: California, North Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Wyoming, and Washington. In high school, I was an avid reader of InStyle, with a keen eye for typography, and I vividly remember analyzing a Nordstrom gift card carrier to see "packaging design by Morla Design" hidden inside. It was then that I realized a human was behind making these things beautiful, elegant, practical, and legible. As a high school senior, I created an independent study course in graphic arts. Simultaneously, I completed my Girl Scout Gold Award by interviewing and photographing prominent women in my community. I used the then-beta version of Adobe InDesign to compile their stories into a small book. I went on to study magazine journalism and graphic design at Drake University (not to be confused with the other Drake), jumping into both art and journalism classes right away. I haven't looked back. 
In my professional life, I've worked with a variety of in-house design teams, and they all seem to love acronyms: ACSI, NOLS, DWT, and BCC.
I'm as comfortable with designing page layouts as I am on-press or volunteering at large conferences. I love people, create editorial plans, manage projects strategically, provide creative direction, collaborate with videographers, interview video subjects, and curate web content.
My next step: I'm looking to hone my skills as an art director or creative director—working within a larger creative team to align deliverables with a vision, all while tending to the details and collaborators that really make a difference.
In my spare time, I like to make cards, organize creative people, and play outside.
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