Hi, I'm Allison.
I work with in-house creative teams to bring beautiful ideas to life. I've lived all over the West but Seattle has been home since 2013. 
Recently, I've been focused on the creative work and strategic communications of two of Seattle's largest, oldest Christian churches. In a city undergoing massive changes, these churches are no exception. They're building, expanding, reorganizing, creating new cultures, and innovating to connect more deeply within their neighborhoods.
Before moving to Seattle, I spent 5 years in Lander, Wyoming. I worked as a Senior Graphic Designer at NOLS. With my next step: I'm looking for a design role within the system of a larger creative team. I bring a strong background in print design and a quick wit to see what works well in digital spaces. Most of all, I'm excited to hone my leadership skills in art direction and creative direction.
This fall, I'm excited to join General Assembly for a 10-week, part-time course in User Experience Design.
In my personal time, I enjoy creating greeting cards and collages, reading, meeting friends for coffee, and playing outside. I visit family in Colorado often. And one Friday a month, you'll find me at CreativeMornings Seattle.
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